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Customer Journey Experience Vol.3


As CEO, I am responsible for steering this ship. I have had to realise that my team on the front-line can’t read my mind. If I want people to care about the things I care about, I need to communicate it. For the past 9 months, myself and my EXCO team have worked hard on communicating more to our people.

I’ve learnt the hard way that to get where you need to go, you need to be an effective communicator. To be an effective communicator, you need to create communication habits. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.


Stephen Stanley

Team members
Staff scanning product in raw stores


We have launched our new barcode system for our raw materials. This is essential for batching and ‘first in, first out’ identification. It allows for better traceability accuracy at each point of our production process.

Plastic moulding machinery


During the past 8 months we have been designing and building a Manufacturing Clean Room (IMM Plant 2). It is ideal for manufacturing products that are sensitive to environmental contamination (medical, pharmaceutical, eletronic and aerospace).

Quality control


We are adding a Service Centre to our toolroom division in order to look after your moulds better and more efficiently. All moulds are being barcoded for traceability in and around the various plants.

Technician assembling parts in production line


As part of our Assembly process and offering, we have expanded our screen-printing capabilities to improve our lead times.

distribution and transportation


Our Distribution Centre and exporting department is geared up to send products overseas, having dedicated docking bays for efficient and expedited packing of containers.

Team member in office space with Lego

D & E

In our Think Tank Studio we have 3 dynamic meeting rooms which were designed as creative spaces for you to come, have a good coffee and allow us to help you bring your idea to reality.



We continue to focus on upgrading & improving our ERP system and to ensure the success of this project we have appointed a full time Systems Manager.

Product testing and quality control


We have introduced an MFI machine in our QC laboratory, which measures the melt flow index of raw material. Our process is to check the material on arrival to ensure it meets the necessary specifications. We either accept or reject the material before starting production.

Team meeting in boardroom


We are constantly tackling and improving our overall company communication to ensure engagement throughout our diverse workforce. We hold leadership meetings, company wide EXCO presentations and strategy conferences through-out the year for this purpose.

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Veronique Stanley

Group CCO & Attorney

Before devoting all her time to PIMMS Group, Veronique O.C. Stanley practiced as a litigation attorney for 20 years and could be seen in the Johannesburg Labour Appeal Court, the Labour Court and the likes of the CCMA and Bargaining Councils. Although her title states CCO, her portfolio also includes the head of legal, head of marketing and head of HR. As much as Veronique is a black and white A-type personality, always insisting that PIMMS Group strives for legal compliance, she also has a very creative side wanting all customers to have an unfathomable manufacturing experience when they partner with PIMMS Group.

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Stephen Stanley

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen is the founder of PIMMS Group which provides both services and product offerings to inventors in various industries to the man on the street. Stephen is a formidable entrepreneur with a tooling and engineering diploma under his belt. He has a passion for inventing amazing products which people will want to use whilst being an awesome husband and father to 2 amazing boys.

Product material research study

If you have an existing mould and you are unhappy with the moulded products, we invite you to consult with our engineering team. They can conduct a product material research study on your behalf at a reasonable fee to determine the requirements of your product, what the mechanical properties need to be, the weathering and UV stability needed, whether it’s an engineering application, whether it needs to be printed on, whether it needs to withstand chemical resistance and other considerations.

Mould Maintenance

We highly recommend performing services on moulds (just like servicing your vehicle once a year). We can receive the mould at our premises and undertaking the following:-


  • Open mould and clean both halves with degreasing fluid;
  • Strip off clamping plates, risers, ejector plates, springs and broken water connectors;
  • Check wear on pillars and bushes, ejectors, sleeve ejectors, push back pins, springs, slides and wear plates
  • Check condition of sprue bush, runners, gates, split lines and venting
  • Check working of each hot runner nozzle and manifold
  • Make a list of minor repairs like replacing worn ejectors, re-dressing of shut offs, opening venting channels, replacing water connectors, O-ring seals, and quote for labour and replacement parts.
  • Replace all listed parts as ordered and clean mould parts from oil, grease, cutting fluid, mechanics blue, shavings and water
  • Assemble mould using appropriate lubrication for all moving parts.
  • Do a water flow pressure test and a hot runner/manifold heating test with a suitable controller.
  • Run through the same preventative mould checklist before the mould is stored on the shelf.

Project management

Our clients refer to us as the “glue” that keeps their projects together and on track. Our developed insight into all necessary functions is integral to a clean development process. Our visual communication skills often become the “interpreters” between various departments of our corporate clients. Our qualified and professional team guides your product through the various checkpoints to ensure a successful outcome.

Intellectual property (IP)

We’re able to provide all CAD and drawing information you require to secure the IP for your product. We can also refer you to several IP legal service providers.

Graphic design

All bells and whistles accounted for! From branding to instruction manuals to marketing material, we offer a highly specialised graphic design service to account for your launch needs.

This includes:

  • Technical and user manuals
  • Branding
  • Decal designs
  • Animations and imagery
  • Sales brochures


Using the latest modern software lets us generate computer animations and images for websites, print, and any other related marketing materials.

Product packaging

Usually, packaging is the first product experience the end-user usually has with your product. It is critical! Yet, so often this design function is left to the last-minute and treated half-heartedly. We design excellent, product- and concept-specific packaging ensuring a valuable, memorable and complete end-user experience.

3D printing or prototyping

For this, an exceptionally important part of the development process, we have our own 3D printing machines, rapid prototyping machines, and workshop facilities. Outside facilities are also at our disposal, both locally and in China. We base the choice of prototype method not on our facilities, but rather on which prototype solution is best suited to the required task.

Experiential Prototyping

Preliminary Prototyping

Final Prototyping

Product design development

Our Product Design development cycle looks like this

  • Conceptual Design
  • Product Engineering (Detailed 3D CAD Design)
  • CAD Drafting
  • 3D CAD Modelling
  • 2D Specification Drawings
  • Photorealistic Visualization
  • 3D Product Animation
  • Design Clean-Up & Modification
  • Metal Component Replacement

Innovative problem solving

It takes a great amount of experience to solve problems in innovative ways. Good thing we’ve got oodles of the stuff. We provide insight into multi-discipline solutions, guiding you to the most cost-effective and viable decisions at every juncture. This creates a wonderfully clear direction early on in the development process. As we go, we explore how parts are manufactured, how they fit and fasten to one another and how they interact with any of the standard components in the design.

The IGC (Idea generation consultation)

At our IGC we sit with you over a brewed cup of coffee and brainstorm your idea.

Don’t be nervous, we’ll ask the important questions, draw sketches, strategise and assist with formulating a realistic budget.Don’t be nervous, we’ll ask the important questions, draw sketches, strategise and assist with formulating a realistic budget, and bring forward creative solutions to meet your requirements.

We offer product material options, manufacturing options and help you understand the project roadmap that will take your product from an idea to a tangible reality. We’ve got you!

Keeping your idea protected is paramount and we understand the need for confidentiality and trust. We love NDAs and are more than happy to sign one. In fact, we even have an NDA template if the dog ate yours.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower

Steve Jobs.